Immunizer // Serum Preset Pack

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  • €23.50

This brand new Xfer Serum Preset Pack will bring your sound design to a whole new level! We created this pack with a great attention to detail, using everything that Serum has got to offer including multi LFO and envelope use, combined FX effects, customized waveforms and a lot more.

We spend an awful lot of time crafting every preset to perfection so you can save a lot of time in your productions. Most of the presets have macros already assigned so you can easily create complex sound changes with the turn of a dial.

Listen to the demo track to hear Immunizer in action. All sounds (except kickdrum and percussion) are included in the pack. The kickdrums and percussion come from the Evolution pack.

This pack contains:

✔ 57 Xfer Serum Presets (Leads, Basses, Plucks, Pads)
✔ 10 MIDI melodies (coming from the Keyzone pack)

*To be able to use this pack you need to own Xfer Serum. This plugin is not included in the pack.*